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WeCare Family Connections

State-Certified Child Placement Agency 

WeCare Family Connections is the Only Child Placement Agency in the State of Florida, currently Found and Lead by a Woman of Color and Foster Mother. At WeCare, We Believe that Every Child Deserves a Loving and Caring Home AND that Every Loving and Caring Home Deserves a Child.

That is Why Our Mission Is To Increase Diversity and Inclusion by Actively Recruiting and Supporting Black, Brown & LGBTQ+ Foster Homes Within The Child Welfare System.

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About WeCare Family Connections

Been there, doing that!

WeCare Family Connections is built on the first-hand experiences of foster parents, Webster and Stephena Pierre. Their professional backgrounds in child welfare and juvenile rehabilitation provided insights into the system, but the real learning happened when they actually opened their own home and hearts to two sibling groups of 10 children total at the same time!  At WeCare, we do more than talk about foster care, we actively engage in caring for children and families and seek new families to help us close the gap in available, qualified, and caring homes.

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