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Diversity & Inclusion

Historically, the child welfare system has struggled with achieving equity for all identity groups. There are myriad issues that contribute to the disproportionate adversity experienced by families of color. Additionally, children and youth from diverse populations are overrepresented in the system and may receive less consistent services. This disproportionality often results in unequal outcomes. 
It is therefore essential that we address these issues, at the individual and systems levels. Black, Brown, and Native children cannot be supported without simultaneously strengthening and caring for Black, Brown, and Native families. This includes investing in prevention services and wraparound services for struggling parents as well as antiracism training for child welfare professionals. Antiracism is defined by the active opposition of racist ideology and the promotion of racial tolerance.

Caring Child

Recruiting New Foster Homes

Increasingly, resource families are seen as key players in the team working to achieve permanency for children in foster care. When relatives or kin are not available, resource families are called upon to provide the support and stability a child needs at the most critical time of their lives—when they are removed from their homes. To ensure the needs of each child entering care are met, child welfare agencies have the difficult task of building and maintaining an adequate pool of resource families. The ability to match each child with an appropriate, loving family is critical and can lay the foundation for successful outcomes.

Go Team

Family Advocacy

We believe in the strength of the Family Unit and give a voice to our foster parents who play key roles in the decision making process. Foster Parents can advocate for services for the child in their home and/or parents. Foster parents help families learn to advocate for themselves and negotiate with service systems to obtain needed help for the children in their care. Family advocacy focuses on the principles of family development, communication skills for workers, and promoting the participation of community residents and families in the design of services.

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We'll share up to date legislative and policy changes impacting how we care for kids and families. Visit us monthly for updates.

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