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Father and Children

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know

Foster FAQs: FAQ

How are Orientations and Foster Parent Training being administered?

In response to COVID-19, virtual options are available to complete foster parent orientation and pre-service training online. Classes are constantly being added due to need. Please give us a call for further information

How much do I have to make to foster?

You do not have to be wealthy or own your own home to foster. Foster parents simply need to be financially stable, meaning that you have enough income to meet your family’s needs.

Can Foster Parents adopt their foster children?

 Yes, in some cases, foster parents can adopt their foster children. If the biological parents do not complete their Case Plans, the court may terminate their parental rights, freeing the children for adoption. The foster parents are usually the first choice for adoption of a child who has been in their care.

What assistance do I get when I foster?

Foster parents receive a modest stipend to help cover costs associated with caring for children in foster care. Other wrap around supports are provided for child care, respite, medical, educational tutoring and more.

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