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Parents And Children Together

Family Literacy & Engagement programs

​We believe that spending quality time with the "littles" in your life provides exceptional benefits. The research confirms what many parents and educators already know instinctively, "The simple act of reading aloud together helps create a lasting emotional connection, stimulates a child's cognitive development, and lays the groundwork for a lifelong love of reading and learning." 

imPACT is a multigenerational family literacy and engagement program committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. The program provides participants in any type or level of the foster care system with access to high quality in-person and virtual read-alouds of early childhood books (PreK-3) relate to social, emotional, and academic learning and extension activities in English.

Adult participants are concurrently enrolled in interactive parent engagement courses for grades PreK-12, delivered via a flexible mobile learning platform, in their heritage language. All classes are led by trained, bilingual-bicultural instructors skilled in bridging cultures.

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